Monday, September 16, 2002

Northern Exposure: The Miracle of the Internet

Please find attached a picture of my manky face and arm as taken by my webcam. I'm sure you'll all be delighted to receive this.

I had a bike accident this morning. I'm currently concussed so who knows what I'm really saying. Sophia has to stay off work in order to ask me every four hours who I am. If she doesn't know by now, we've got problems!

My mother came over to Canada on Saturday. I was going to work today and take a day off tomorrow, and perhaps Friday, plus a few next week, to show her around. It's her first time leaving England, and she's really quite stunned by all this "new country feeling". I say that, but she's gone to the West Ed Mall for shopping - don't want to spoil her fun by telling her that her eldest son skidded down a hill on his face.

So - I'm off today. I've got a shiny face because it's covered in Polysporin (that stuff is sticky, it's antiseptic and all that, they use it all the time over here) and my head hurts a lot. I have no recollection of half an hour of my life. I remember changing gears on my bike and the next thing I remember was answering some ambulance guy when he was asking me who I was and where my Alberta Health Care card was. My right shoulder is currently hurting because of the typing, and I generally ache all over. However, because I wore my helmet, I can still talk and type and generally be pampered by my wife (mmm tea and buttered bagels).

Oww oww oww. I hate this. Still, could have been much worse.