Monday, March 31, 2003

Northern Exposure: Homeward Bound!

I'm coming back to England for a while! YAY!

It's just me coming over, and it's just for 10 days or so. My project at work has stalled for a while, and I have some holiday free. Sophia is really busy still, so she can't afford the time off - but I'm homesick! She got to come home last year.

I am not sending this email to my parents or to her parents. I intend to get a coach from Heathrow to Harlow, and then turn up at my parents place to surprise them. I hope the dog doesn't bite me. Hehe.

After spending some time with them I'll arrange for a "friend of mine" to pop over to Sophia's parents house to "have a look at their PC", I can't wait to see their faces! I'd better fix their PC though! I'll probably stay overnight with them, but only for a day or so.

So - some of my family are recieving this. Don't tell either mum and dad. Let me know if anything is planned at any of the weekends or any time I'm over!

My parents and family are my priority, but I am going to make sure I see all my friends, Harlow, Kingston, London, wherever. This includes a few lunchtime sessions with the Hays Consulting people, and definately a drinkie or two at a pub in Hemel (yay Parker!).

I can't wait to see you all again!