Sunday, December 10, 2006

These Things Seem To Find Me

I was at a concert the other day, as a first aid volunteer. I was in the first aid post, with lots of incidents going on, and first aiders were in and out. A guy was brought down after being punched in the face. Security escorted him in, and I started writing up his details on our incident reports whilst two other first aiders dealt with his bloody nose.

He said he was hit because he was gay, because he was brown, because he was talking to some guys girl. I told him I didn't care, I wanted to fix him up so he could enjoy his day. This kind of thing pisses me off. I really don't like it when people use things like that as a reason. You are not just gay, you are not just brown, you are a human, and you have a right not to be punched in the face - but if you make everything into an issue, then you will get treated like an issue, and not as a person.

I was firm and direct, and got the information I needed. Everyone else got called away. The security guard closed the door to the first aid post, he was still there whilst the security teams worked out what was happening with the 'puncher' upstairs. Eventually the radio spake, and the guard said, "Other witnesses said you started it, and you are out".

I was sitting at the desk, they were by the door. After this announcement, the guy was a little upset, and got visibly agitated. The guard was all "turn around, I am going to restrain you" and the guy was all "Er, no". They got into what was pretty much a 'slap fight'. I was trying hard not to laugh.

In the scuffle the lights to the room were turned off. I rolled my eyes hugely in the pitch black darkness, got my flashlight from my belt and turned it on. I pointed it at the two of them, and the lightswitch. The guard by this point had the guy on the bed, and he looked at me with a "sorry" look on his face and turned the light back on. I was still rolling my eyes as he escorted the guy out.

I told our supervisor about the incident, and filled out an unusual incident report:
Problem: "During a scuffle, lights in the first aid room got turned off" Resolution: "Turned lights back on"