Monday, December 15, 2003

Northern Exposure: Started my new job!

I'm at work at my new job! I started today!

I had an interview a few weeks ago, then a follow up, then a technical code exam, then they offered me the job. They wanted me to start last week, but we went away to Calgary for the weekend to see Sophia's family.

It was her grandmothers 91st birthday. We saw lots of cousins who I've never seen - and some Soph hadn't seen for 15 years - and had a big Chinese banquet thing. It was fun, we stayed over at her cousin's house, and played around with all their children.

I was all worried about this job because it was so sudden, but now I'm just sitting here doing the things I like doing, and it's all good! I guess it was just nerves, because in this new job I'm now a Senior Consultant and I'm getting a little bit more money, too.

Over the weekend Sophia's company moved offices. For the past few weeks, when I wasn't having interviews, I was in her old office boxing up stuff for them, or in their new offices putting furniture together. It was lots of fun, great to do something physical for a change.

Speaking of that, since I left my old job, I've lost 5kg in weight. I think it's just because I haven't had any big lunches!

Christmas stuff:
  • We were originally going to come to England over Christmas
  • I was made redundant, so we said we'd stay here and save money
  • Sophia gets lots of holiday time, so we thought we'd drive to Vancouver and stay at her parents place there for the holiday
  • I got my new job and I don't know if I'll get any holiday!
  • We might just stay in Edmonton
  • Some of her friends get married in May, so we want to come home then, we'll definately see you all soon!
Tomorrow night I've invited some of my first aid people over for a "potluck dinner" - have you heard of them? It's where people come over and bring food or drink. I think it's pretty north american.

Wednesday we're going to see the Lord of the Rings - her company has booked out an entire cinema to see it!

Thursday we're going to see her friend and help her pack, she's bought a new place and moves in Jan.

Friday is her company party and it should be really good fun! After that, she's on holiday until the 5th of January, it's alright for some!

Anyway, I'll speak to you all soon!