Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm writing this on some poached WiFi at a Starbucks on the corner of Richmond Street and Central Avenue in London, Ontario.

On a crazy whim (or because of a crazy room mate) I decided to fly to Chicago, and then from there drive east to various places, meeting various people. I'm waiting here to meet Kim, who used to be related to me.

She's my ex-cousin-in-law, and is the partner of Sinclair. They have two kids who I am dying to meet. I'll get to hang with them today and then on Sunday - so I have Saturday night to cruise around southern Ontario and surrounding parts. I'm looking forward to it - might have to see Niagara again.

I'm also hoping to see a few friends I know from World of Warcraft, and perhaps another friend who moved to Lafayette in Indiana.

During all of this, the room mate is part of a pit crew for a drag racing team. This is just typical of the kind of thing we get up to.