Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Northern Exposure: You'll never guess what...

...that's right! I had another bike accident on the high level bridge!

It really doesn't like me.

I was cycling south on the west side, I'd just got onto the bridge itself by turning the corner onto the bridge, and I clipped the railing on the right with my handlebar as I turned. This caused me to wobble at some speed until I stopped suddenly using only my nose.

I did not knock myself out. I was able to pick myself up and cycle the rest of the way home - mainly because my toe hurt too much to walk.

I'm okay, mainly once again because I was wearing a helmet. My left big toe is cut rather badly, but not deep. It has been bandaged up expertly by Sophia. I have a graze on my left leg. My chin took a whack, as did my nose, which is much bigger than it usually is... I'm going to have a pair of black eyes tomorrow, I'm sure. The nosebleed stopped fairly sharpish, but the dull throb in the conk is still there. My wrists are also aching, because I used my hands to stop some of the force of the impact. I'm sure after a rest they'll feel better.

This of course means I probably won't be in tomorrow, mainly to spare everyone the sight of my face. I'll let you know what happens, but really I'm just a bit battered. Also stupid. Ah well.