Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cloud Space

Like many people, I keep a bunch of stuff in the Cloud.  I was having trouble keeping track of it, so I started to investigate all the different services I use.  Here's a summary:
  • CX 10Gb
    hoto Backup
  • Evernote 60Mb per month bandwidth
    obile Documents
  • Box 5Gb
    ocument Backup
All of these services apart from Picasaweb have a desktop application that supports the synching of the contents of a particular folder to the Cloud.  I've been working on the best way to manage the backups of data between the different service - and the management of these Cloud Spaces generally.

What I found is Oxito, which works a treat for providing a unified view of all my spaces.  I particularly like how I can move files between services with a simple drag and drop.  I can also map a network drive to Oxito using WebDav too - very handy.  The only service that I use that is not supported in Oxito at the moment is the Amazon Cloud Drive.

I use Flickr as my online backup for my current photos, along with a backup on my home server.  I wish there was a way to access Flickr through the cloud, but that is not to be at the moment.

Does anyone else use a different process to manage their digital life in the cloud?