Saturday, April 05, 2003

Northern Exposure: Home Again!

I arrived! Yay!

I'm at my parents house on a Saturday morning, it's so lovely here. When I left Edmonton, it was snowing and the temperature was just below freezing. Sophia told me it was acutally -11C on Friday morning, too.

When I arrived in England I was stunned at the warm sunny weather, the light breeze, and how everything was growing and basically not covered in snow. Fantastic.

I took a coach from Heathrow to Harlow. It was really nice because it took me through areas I used to drive through, good to see how some things had changed and some had stayed the same. Harlow hadn't changed that much, it seems - or I've been away so long I couldn't tell.

I tried to surprise my mum in Sainsbury's, but she's left her shift early. Instead, I got a taxi home and just walked up the back path. My mum said to my dad, "That looks like Dean!". Hehehehe!

The dog, Star, went crazy for about a minute then was all "Oh look, a bone". It's like I never left for her, the silly thing.

I had some dinner and relaxed with the family, heading for bed fairly soon. I am probably going to see the family this weekend, but I hope to see as many people as possible!

My parents-in-law in Surbiton still don't know I'm here, so shh, I'm going to tell them I have a friend who might be able to pop over to have a look at their PC if they're in on a certain day, then turn up myself! :D

Can't wait to see you all soon!

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