Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Chapter 1: The Basics
Intials: DWS
Middle name: William
Current location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Height: 6'
Hair length: Short, grey
Eye color: Green/Hazel, depending on mood or lighting
Piercings: None
Birthmarks: None

Chapter 2: The Background
Do you live with your parents: Nope
Do you get along with your parents?: Yes
Are your parents married/seperated/divorced? Marries
Do you have any siblings? Two younger brothers, one youngest sister
What pets do you have?: None
What are their name(s): N/A

Chapter 3: Favorites
City: London
Vacation: India
Place lived: Harlow, Waltham Cross, Chalfont St. Giles, Edmonton
Clothing brand: MEC
Shampoo/conditioner: Couldn't tell you
Old nickelodeon show: Ren and Stimpy
Color: Green
Cheesy pick-up line: Don't use 'em, probably should
Flower: Self-raising

Chapter 4: Do You ...
Write memos on your hand?: No
Call people back?: Yes, generally
Sleep on a certain side of the bed?: I sleep on the edge of the bed
Think you're attractive?: No
Wear glasses or contacts?: Glasses for distance work
Have any weird pet peeves?: Use of English language, when I'm not GREAT at it myself

Chapter 5: Have You Ever ...
Gone skinny dipping?: Yes
Worn braces?: No
Broken a bone?: No
Had stitches?: Yes, four in my right knee after kneeling on some glass
Shoplifted?: No
Punched someone in the face?: No
Skipped school?: No
Taken painkillers?: Yes
Gone SCUBA diving?: Yes, only in a swimming pool, if that counts.
Been stung by a jellyfish?: No
Been stung by a bee?: Yes
Thrown up in a restaurant?: Not yet!
Been to overnight camp?: Yes?
Written a letter to Santa Claus?: No, but he used to come and visit our house in the run up to Christmas!
Been sent to the principal's office?: Yes
Made a prank phone call?: Yes
Been called a b***h?: Yes
Been called a Ho?: No
Met someone famous?: No
Climbed a tree?: Yes, I love climging trees.

Chapter 6: Random
If you could take back one thing, what would it be?: Hahahahaha
What time do you go to sleep?: Around midnight
Do you prefer blonde hair or brown hair?: Brown

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