Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Ending

Last night I was at the Three Days Grace concert. First up were Idle Sons, then Mobile, followed by Theory of a Deadman. I was stage left with two other first aiders, watching the mosh pit curl back on itself and disgorge tiny wee crowd surfers like chunks of vomit (or "protein spills" as vomit is refered to on radio channels, heh).

We had a few things to deal with - bloody noses, crushed people, hurt feet. Most people got up and walked away. Like many of the mosh pits I've been to, bloody noses and black eyes are badges of honour. A few people who got a little bit squished came and sat on our stair chair for a bit. One or two had a little "protein spill" and felt better. A normal mosh pit. Suspected spinal injuries on one, but she was fine and soon disappeared into the crowd.

Later on, Three Days Grace were playing. A young lass was pulled from the front of the mosh pit by a security guard. I saw that she was in obvious distress, so I went over to help the security guard escort her over. She had trouble breathing, and I got her into the chair and tried to find out what was wrong. The concert noise, and her gasps, made it hard to work out what was happening.

Eventually, using my notepad, I was able to find out that she had been waiting six years to meet her favourite band, and had her autographed CD snatched from her hands whilst in the crowd. She was inconsolable, crying and wailing. I tried to get her to calm down, and I was seriously considering strapping her to the chair and transporting her to the first aid room to get her away from the noise and onto some oxygen.

A guy behind the side stage area tapped me on the shoulder and asked me which band. I asked her by way of notepad, and he saw her write "Idle Sons". He told me to hang on a minute. I crouched down and reassured her some more, trying to get her to slow her breathing rate. After a short while, the guy returned and we had a little shouted conversation. He had arranged for the band to meet with her - I thought he might do something like this. He asked if she was okay to walk, and I told him I'd take her until she was steady on her feet.

I knelt before her and told her that we were going for a walk. I held her hand and lead her behind the stage and over to where some of Idle Sons were waiting. She staggered, and then went from a hunched position to standing fully upright and saying "OH MY GOD!" really loudly. Seriously, it was better than giving her oxygen. She couldn't beleive it, and hugged two of the guys straight away. We walked under the seats to where their dressing rooms were, and the rest of the band were there. Members of the other bands were coming and going, and asked if this was the girl, and if she was okay now. She was delighted - looking from face to face, unable to believe her eyes.

I told 'em to take care of her, I told her to keep breathing, and I left them to it. They were just piling in the elevator to go up to their merchandising desk on the main floor.

I went back to our area and found the concert over. We waited until it all cleared, and then went back to the first aid room. A little later, when things were clear, I wandered over to the table where the bands were. I thanked Idle Sons for taking care of her, and learnt that a lot of people on the tour are called Sean. Heh.

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