Saturday, November 11, 2006

Water Main

Yesterday afternoon there was a water main break on Jasper Avenue. This kind of thing happens when the temperature goes up and down like a yoyo. As a result of the pipe burst, an email went around to everyone in the building I work in which basically said "Don't pee!".

Everyone crossed their legs and carried on with their day.

A little while later another email arrived which basically said "OMG NO SPRINKLERS GET OUT NOW!". I can imagine the discussion downstairs:
Building Person 1: Better tell them not to pee, they can't flush
Building Person 2: Hmm that might get smelly after a while
BP1: True, maybe we should evacuate them before it gets too bad, hehehe
BP2: Hahaha, yes. Oh wait, what else uses water?
BP1: The sprinklers?
Both: ARGH! Get everyone out now before the insurance company gets us!

Of course, as we evacuated (so nice to be able to use the elevators rather than the stairs; no fire!) one wag was sure to mention how, if a fire did break out, we could probably put it out by peeing on it. A number of people with fixed grins enthusiastically agreed. It was a great relief to finally get home.

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