Friday, May 25, 2007


I neglected the blog. Silly me.

I have this as a feed into Facebook now, too. I like how they do that. I'd love it if they did a Flickr feed too, so I didn't have to upload my photos in two different places.

I was in England at the start of May. I had to go back to clear out a whole load of stuff in the loft of my house over there. A week was just enough, and I only had one day of 'rest'. I spent the time on my parents boat on the River Stort, and it was awesome. I could easily boat about England for the rest of my days.

I came back and got right into the thick of things again. There was the My Chemical Romance gig last week, where we had many spinal injuries and a fair few ambulances called. There was a Pow Wow over the weekend, which was my first one and very interesting.

After a quiet bank holiday Monday, I had a divisional meeting on Tuesday, then The Killers on Wednesday. Last night I learnt how to drive the big ambulance (scary to back it out of the garage). I also went to a meeting at the Commonwealth Stadium where they explained the changes for the upcoming events. Everything went smoothly, and I got some good news from our CSC - she's staying on! Woo hoo!

Tonight I pick up the big ambulance and take it to Foote Field, where the Cancer Society Relay for Life is running. It'll continue overnight until Saturday morning, and I'll be covering another event straight after.

I love Red Bull. :D

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