Monday, May 28, 2007


I was able to back the big ambulance out of the garage, drive it around over several days, and nose it back into the garage without bumping into any walls or people. A success!

Even with a spotter, I was clenching as I took it out the first time. It's so much bigger and taller than I'm used to. Still, I think I have the hang of it now. We'll see - I think I'll be driving it around for various upcoming football games.

The Cancer Society 'Relay for Life' was interesting. I got to Foote Field on Friday after taking the big ambulance through Rush Hour traffic. I parked it up and wandered around, taking in all the sights. Many of the crew had been there before, so they filled me in on what happens and how it all runs. We wandered around, drinking chocolate milk from the milk stall, watching Venus rise at the astronomical society stall, and being envious of the kids on the bouncy castle.

It was a quiet night, with just one blister to deal with. As it got darker it got a lot cooler, and the layers went on. I was taking some arty photos when I bumped into a friend who I know through someone at work. She is a Toastmaster, and was there with her company. Edmonton is such a small town sometimes.

The Relay was very moving. People just kept walking through the night. The moon rose and moved across the sky. The horizon darkened and the stars came out. The sound system went quiet, and still people just kept walking around the track.

I got a few hours sleep between 4 and 6, waking up for breakfast, and to watch the end of the event. Once we were done, I took the ambulance over to my building downtown and parked it outside, on Bellamy Hill. I went in and had a bath and a shower and a shower and a Red Bull, then waiting for a few others to come to my appartment so we could drive together to Churchill Square.

Once we were all together, we drove to City Hall for The City Chase. Found out where to park the ambulance, found out what the crew needed, made sure everyone was ready to go, and then sat back quietly sipping tea and reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Awesome book. Later on, I chatted to someone from 91.7 The Bounce about the event, and pointed her towards the actual event organisers. Then I helped out with their sound system - had a bit of a problem with the amplifiers, but we got it fixed.

The Red Bull girls turned up. Last year they'd appear at most duties I was at, and I'd get all friendly with them. They knew I was only after their sweet, sweet nectar - forget the short skirts and tight tops, I need taurine! I ended up with more cans of the stuff at the end of the duty than I started with, always a bonus.

I left that duty early, returning the ambulance and getting ready. I then zoomed down to Millett for a BBQ at a friends house. We celebrated some good news with their family and friends, and had lots of yummy food and chats. The previous two days caught up with me, and I stopped off in Leduc and stayed in a hotel - couldn't face driving all the way home.

The next morning I got up early and went to the Coronation Pool in Edmonton, where I watched my good friend Janet do the Coronation Triathalon. It was very impressive, and she did really well. After that, back home, got ready, grabbed an ambulance, and off to Hawrelak Park to cover an event there. I met two people from work there, too - again with the small town thing. The event was an inter-denominational prayer festival at the ampitheatre in the park. It was a lovely day, and a very nice event.

That evening I stayed in and recovered. I was so tired at the end, I passed out whilst reading a book. It was a really fun weekend!

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