Friday, June 08, 2007

Woo Yay Hoopla!

I heard from my lawyer today. She heard from the other lawyers this week. It seems a judge saw the Minutes of Settlement and Statement of Divorce and all the other bits and pieces, and signed it at the end of May, so at the end of June I will be officially divorced.

One month shy of my 10th wedding anniversary. Damn. I think the reward for 10 years is a coffee maker and an executive pen. Should have hung on in there for that last month.

Anyway, mixed feelings yes, but also a huge sense of relief. As a friend pointed out, it's just one more tie to my old life. My new life grows each day.

I don't often talk about me, just what I do. This weekend is no exception - after a long week of working, tomorrow I get up early to go to a local airport to cover that, then Sunday it's a Kids with Cancer walk. Spare time will be taken up with work. Keeps me busy.

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